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i wonder if they leave ziva’s necklace in tony’s desk and if michael just takes it out every once in a while and smiles a little thinking about cote like tony did on the plane with the necklace thinking about ziva in past present future

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what have i just found


sasha what are you doing with your face

stop it I’m not ok

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I need to follow exactly 394 blogs because of Harry Potter


let it be known that I still despise Snape, but the number is a reference, and i can’t really follow 9 3/4 blogs

Reblog if you post:

  • Castle (especially Ryan and Esposito)
  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings and/or the Hobbit
  • NCIS
  • Avengers
  • Supernatural
  • PJO
  • I don’t know dragons and shit
  • Sherlock

and I will check out your blog.

Hell if you want more followers and think I’m an okay person(can’t imagine you would) reblog and I’ll follow you.

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To the NCIS fandom because I have to say this now:

Look, I miss Ziva too. We all do. That doesn’t make it okay to hate on Bishop.



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I don’t think I’ll ever be over Ziva David like honestly I’ll be 80 in my rocking chair on my porch still quietly crying to myself

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I’m pretty sure this has been on my blog like 12 different times but I will never not reblog this

I absolutely love this

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NCIS Tony x Ziva theme from 11x02 on piano

I loved it far too much to not learn to play it! I learnt it by ear so don’t have sheet music but if you can’t get it from the above view then I can send you the chord progression. Original music by Brian Kirk, I just took it for a spin.

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End: Promise of Reunion



So, Who was wanting a happy ending?

Many first time players may have missed a few scenes in the game and may have received the bad/almost good ending

What ending did you get in Ib?

I played it until I got all of them, but I like this one the most :)

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How to tie shoes for running

Wait I need this for my dystonia!!!!

seems like valuable info to pass along

I would have threw out 115$ shoes if I didn’t use the Toe problem one. God bless this post.

I use the heel slipping one and it actually works.

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